could we please be objective?

the other boys are queuing up behind us.
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to all who have stumbled upon this community: we are a closed community. we're lovers of nepotism here; we only accept those who are very close friends of one or both of the maintainers, miss valeria or miss jillian. no need to post contact info, because if you're joining material you'd know those things already.

now then!

kissingpractice is for us and our college travails. college is a place of learning, of course, but what is it also about? boys (and sometimes girls). and that is precisely what our general conversation will be about in here. there are general college communities for everything else.

feel free to post:
♥ photos
♥ links (not without description, of course)
♥ snippets of conversations (however, it might be a good idea to mask AIM names for privacy)
♥ anecdotes
♥ drunken ramblings
♥ anything else, really. we're friends, and we're also here to shoot the shit.

the most important thing is that we have fun. we'll never be this free again.